Post Base

Sunset “Absolute Post” Attachment System for FREESTANDING PERGOLAS

Introducing our New “8” X 8” X 10' “Absolute Post”. It is Kiln-dried and Laminated, so it is Lightweight and Durable and the Post Won’t Split!

Made of Real Cedar, it is Easy to Stain and it Smells Good! Stronger than Solid Cedar, the “Absolute Post" has an opening in the middle.

Introducing Sunset Pergola Kits 2 New Products.

Our Sunset Post Base

“8” X 8” X 10' “Absolute Post”

Our Patent Pending Sunset “Absolute Post” Attachment System allows for a Pergola to go up Quicker and Easier than Ever! Ready, Right Out of the Box, the 2” X 12” and 2” X 8” Plunge Brackets simply slide right Into the Top of the “Absolute Post.”