Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Cedar?

WESTERN RED CEDAR is a strong, naturally insect-resistant, wood that is chosen the world over for its durability and long life. When stained, the rich striations in the grain stand out, creating a masterpiece. Cedar is light, but strong; accepts stains excellently...and oh that cedar scent!

Do you offer any other wood?

We have built many pergolas since 1998 out of Treated-Pine and Cedar. There is NO DOUBT, CEDAR is the best wood for a long-term, low maintenance pergola. TREATED PINE WILL WARP AS IT DRIES OUT. You pay a little less for Treated Pine, but you get a heavy, warping mess that does not accept stain the same way Western Red Cedar does.

How fast will my pergola arrive?

Most Pergola Kits leave the shop within 14-21 days. We deliver most kits with our in-house delivery system. Your Pergola Kit should arrive in 2-4 weeks. See Shipping for more details.

Can 2 men install my pergola in a day?

Absolutely! Especially, if your Sunset Pergola Kit is setting on an existing concrete slab or deck. If your Sunset Pergola Kit has posts that are set in concrete, it is best to set those the day before installation. We have everything pre-cut, stained, and marked for easy identification. A detailed drawing with instructions is included with every Sunset Pergola Kit. It makes the PERFECT weekend project!

Can I attach my watertight pergola patio to my roof or wall?

You Bet! Our PATENTED Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System is designed to fit against almost any surface. Your Sunset Pergola Kit will come with a “Bracket Ledger Board” with brackets already attached to fit your pergola. 1/2" Threaded Bolts (Provided) are inserted through each of the pre-drilled holes to attach the “Bracket Ledger” to your Fascia, a Pitched Shingled Roof, or a Wood or Brick Wall. ONCE SECURELY ATTACHED, it is EASY!! Just attach the 1/2" Threaded Bolt through the 2” X 8” Middle Layer. **Leave 3"-4” of Fall for Water Run Off to be achieved by setting the bottom of 2” X 8” Middle Layer approximately 3”-4” LOWER THAN height of attached side of pergola. The Universal Pergola Bracket is super strong and tested up to 1,200 lbs.

What is the PATENTED Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System?

The PATENTED Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment Bracket is a Patented System for attaching Pergolas to almost any surface...even upside down under a soffit. Brackets are Pre-Attached to a “Bracket Ledger Board” where the 2” X 8” Middle Layer of the Pergola is attached with a bolt. The Bracket resting against the wall or fascia or shingles, allows the pergola to swivel up of down to achieve “Fall” for water to run off. Man is it EASY. See Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System.

The Universal Pergola Bracket is super strong and tested up to 1,200 lbs.

Can I add the Polycarbonate Sheets to my Pergola if it is Freestanding?

You can add the Polycarbonate Sheets to any Sunset Pergola. It is best to allow 3”-4” of “Fall” for Water run off to the “Sandwich Beam” Side. Polycarbonate Sheets are attached with OUR NEW MRT's, (Metal Ridge Trim) See MRT Attachment pics!

Does my pergola come with a warranty?

All Sunset Pergola Kits come with a 1 year warranty, when properly installed.

Does Sunset Pergola Kits install?

Sunset Pergola Kits does not currently install kits....we are working on a new list of installers at the current time.

How much “Fall” should my pergola have for water drainage?

A Sunset Pergola Kit with Polycarbonate Sheets should have 3”-4” of “Fall” for water runoff, depending on size. A good rule is to have 3” of “Fall” for every 10’ of Pergola Extending out from the house (D) Depth. *If your pergola is a Shade Pergola Only, you do not need any “Fall.”

How deep should I set my posts?

All Sunset Pergola Kit posts should be set 2’ into ground OR below frost line. If you live up North, where the Frost Line is a factor, consult with a local contractor to be sure your post is set below the Frost Line. Post can be “heaved” out of a hole by frost expansion.

Can I set my pergola on a deck?

Sunset Pergola Kits can rest on a Deck or Concrete Slab. Posts can be bolted directly on top of the deck with proper deck bracing. Larger Sunset Pergola Kits should be bolted through the deck into concrete.

How often should I stain my pergola?

Sunset Pergola Kits will stain your pergola for you with Deck Defender Stain from Standard Paints. Oil-base Deck Defender Stain is a “heavy” stain that penetrates the Western Red Cedar superbly. You will receive a small can of touch-up stain with your kit. *If your Sunset Pergola Kit comes with our Polycarbonate Sheets that protect the wood, you should not have to stain your pergola for several years. The Polycarbonate Sheets will double the life of all Pergola Parts underneath it!!

What kind of fasteners will my pergola come with?

Your Sunset Pergola Kit will come with (4) types of fasteners WITH DRILL BITS FOR ELECTRIC DRILL OPERATION.

  1. High Tensil-Strength 5” Lag Screws from Simpson Strong-Ties will connect your 2” X 12” Sandwich Beams, 6” X 6” Bracing, and The “Bracket Ledger Board” to your house. These Lag Screws require NO Pre-Drilling and give you the Flexibility to move around on the “Bracket Ledger Board” to hit studs or rafters.
  2. 3” Coated Deck Screws will “toenail” the 2” X 8” to the tops of the 2” X 12” Sandwich Beams and to attach the 2” X 6” Top Layer to the 2” X 8” Middle Layer.
  3. Painted 1⁄2” X 2 1/4” Threaded Bolts with Matching Nuts will bolt the 2” X 8” Middle Layer to the Sunset Pergola Brackets.
  4. Polycarbonate Sheets are attached with 2" Screws with covered washers through OUR NEW MRT's, (Metal Ridge Trim) See MRT Attachment pics!

Do you provide extra stain?

Sunset Pergola Kits come with a small can of Deck Defender Stain for touch-up.

What if my pergola is damaged?

If your Sunset Pergola Kit is damaged upon arrival, you have the right to refuse delivery at that time. If you accept delivery, any damaged pieces must be deemed “damaged” on the freight ticket. Damaged pieces will be replaced.

What is the return policy on my pergola?

All sales are final. Sunset Pergola Kits is not responsible for warped or cracked boards. **See Damaged Pergola