8’x28′ Southern Comfort Pergola


Attached or Freestanding * 

Will your new pergola be attached to a wall/house or be freestanding? The attached kit comes with the Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System.

Attached or Freestanding

Add Polycarbonate Sheets with Flashing * 

Would you like to add polycarbonate sheets with flashing? Polycarbonate Sheets are super tough and will pro-long the life of the pergola and everything underneath, while protecting you from the sun and rain.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Sheets are flashed under your shingles channeling water onto the pergola.

Stain * 

Select Stain

Select End-Shape * 

Choose between one of four different end-shapes.

End Shape Pergola Kits

Add Easy-Faux Flagstone Columns * 

Add a touch of “Rock” to any pergola without the heavy lifting! These gorgeous flagstone wraps are light and easy to install. “Columns come with top cap and wood bracing for attaching column wraps to any wood support post.”

Add Easy-Faux Flagstone Columns

Choose Base * 

Choose a Sunset Post Base, if your pergola posts will be sitting on a deck/ concrete patio. Or choose a Post Length, if your pergola posts will be set in the ground 2′ deep or 4′ deep.

Post Base Trim

Select Bracing * 

Select Bracing

Post Size * 

Post Size


Home of the “Southern Comfort” Watertight Pergola Kit.

Polycarbonate Sheets are added to our ATTACHED PERGOLA to create a roof that is not only beautiful, but also sheds water! Now you can enjoy the outdoors on a rainy day and not feel like you're living in a cave. All polycarbonate sheets are flashed under your shingles and come with a 10 Year Warranty!

Polycarbonate Sheet

With the Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System you can attach your pergola just about anywhere on your house.

  • Attach to a Wall or Fascia
  • Attach on Top of Roof
  • Attach Under Soffit

Attach Pergola Kit to...

Attach Pergola Kit to...


* Except for Alaska and Hawaii.

“Southern Comfort” Watertight Pergola Kit

Extend your patio with “Southern Comfort” Watertight Pergola Kit. Our kits can be installed by two people in one day! Our Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System makes attaching your pergola to any part of the house EASY! Against a wall, on top of your shingles, or even under your soffit, our system gives you the ultimate in flexibility. We don’t pre-drill holes that require exact placement of your posts and limit your overhang. Our 5” Self-starting Lag Screws allow you to attach all structural members using bits that we provide. Just allow 4”-5” of Fall away from your house for water run-off. Attach the polycarbonate sheets and flashing with the screws and bits provided and you’ll be enjoying your extra patio space in no time…protected from the SUN AND RAIN!

With a “Southern Comfort” Watertight Pergola Kit you get:

  • Sunset Universal Pergola Attachment System
  • 8” X 8” Posts
  • Double Cedar 2” X 12” Sandwich Beams (You Pick the Decorative Notched End)
  • 2” X 8” Cedar Mid-Beams (Decoratively Notched)
  • 2” X 6” Cedar Top Layer on 6” Centers (No 2” X 2”s Here!)
  • You Pick the Stain!
  • Hardware, Drill Bits and Drivers to complete the job.
  • Polycarbonate Sheets Making Pergola “Watertight”(with Flashing)
  • Custom Bracing and Upgrades
  • * FREE SHIPPING TO SELECT STATES. * Click here for a complete list and other shipping and delivery information


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